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Rick And Morty Season 5 Episode 8

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Rick And Morty Season 5 Episode 8

One of my main concerns about the new Rick and Morty episodes is that character development isn’t given enough attention.  It seems like all of the characters have achieved the height of cynicism after Morty and Summer’s multi-pronged call, and Jerry and Beth’s divorce (Beth also had that cloning company), so it makes sense to grow them. As a result, rather than focusing on crucial personalities, the series opted for science fiction scenarios.

Season 5 Episode 8 Of Rick And Morty

For at least a decade, there has been anxiety about how these multiverses and humans will evolve farther, if not sooner last four seasons, but it grew more prominent in the fifth season, which lays a strong focus on appearances.    

They fail to consider not only character development but also a character in general. This season, the Smith family is enraged with one another, as they butcher several clones, mutant turkeys, and semen to survive.

The wild storyline escalation, brutality, and visual frenzy are all continuously stunning throughout this season’s episodes. It’s like a never-ending conversation filled with mostly jokes.  The sixth season, unfortunately, was not particularly engaging. Maybe this is a continuation of the shortage of characters, which provided him ample cause to laugh at or have fun with these people.

The intimate interaction between Rick and Bird and the “Returnal Frontshine of the Spotless Mort” appears to be designed to render morons like me unconscious until the Smith family is eliminated from the program within 30 seconds. Rick has one of the finest character sensitivities for sweet and salty melancholy, which he effectively admits. That’s why it’s so fascinating to understand what drives him to risk his life for science fiction experiences and adjust to this specific version of his family when everything else seems to be changing at the same time.    

In fact, one of my favorite aspects of this episode is how Rick is able to enter another realm and catch a bird that isn’t in a coma but isn’t struggling for its life.  Bird-man, in his opinion, is insufficient. 

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Sadly, despite my valiant attempts, “the frontal radiance of an innocent corpse’s rectum” was unable to close an asshole like mine any time soon. While I appreciate that the program continues to introduce new characters and attempts to make lore-filled episodes, the stench of Season 5 lingers. There are always certain activities that can be done for free, even if just for a short time, to have a significant influence.

Furthermore, Rick’s debut is a bird-memory skip, and it’s tough to piece together a string of occurrences that are wholly accidental in a supernatural world.   This does not occur, and it is unimportant. To the episode’s credit, I’d say it generally ignores it, but Rick does so frequently by clarifying the laws of whatever is going on at the time.

In fact, because the subtleties are continuously discussed, this show is less fascinating than the typical Season 5 episode. The only joke I caught was that they were trying to strike up a conversation with a stranger in Rick’s garage about a Marvel movie, and Tommy’s full name was Tamantha. I didn’t actually laugh at it; I just thought, “Oh, that’s hilarious.

Rick’s concept of joining up with a younger version of himself based on Birdman’s recollections, which he couldn’t tolerate at first but eventually embraced, was very appealing to me. Rick’s vigilance may have waned, but the Bird personality was still present, and Rick’s rejection remains one of his most painful memories.


After an incredibly ridiculous and episodic episode, “Star Mort Rickton Jerry” is a Season 5 episode with history and characterization. As I appreciate these emotional moments, mutated sperm and a slew of enormous cuckold space kids emerge from the blunder known as autoerotic assimilation or Old Man’s Seat.    

Flawless Mort’s Rectal Glow is a worthy attempt, even if we only get one episode every season for now. The episode struggles with the conversation and imagery that are thrown at you, with the characterizations and emotions attempting to come through. Furthermore, the fifth season is in excellent condition, and this is no joke. Despite the unpleasant babble and nothingness, there was nothing more complex than other episodes this season, and that makes it worth rewatching to get everything properly integrated.    

While returning to Rick’s past in this manner, the terrible events of this episode provide a solid indication of Rick and Morty’s, or Rick’s, future. Because the Sanchez family’s interchangeability was frequently cited as the series’ flaw. What do we care if these characters can be switched on and off in a fraction of a second?


But now we know why Rick travels so much, and his disdain of human ties brings the story closer to being human than ever before. Rick and Morty can only hope that the implications aren’t utterly ignored. That’s a genuine possibility on a program where Giant Incest Space Baby gets more screen time than Space Bet.

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