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How You Can Get Error Ce 36329 3 PS4 Como Resolver

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How You Can Get Error Ce 36329 3 PS4 Como Resolver

If you own a PlayStation 4, you’ve probably heard or seen error codes like CE-34878-0 or CE-35694-7. Whether you’re playing a game or attempting to run the software, this can happen. Worse, this problem has the potential to infect all PS4 apps in a number of ways.

Why This Problems Appears

One of the most serious flaws with the PlayStation 4 system is that it comes with a code number (CE-36329-3). After a while, the PS4 will shut off. Sometimes a simple PS4 reset is enough to fix the problem, and sometimes it isn’t. It is dependent on the error’s cause, not just one.

PS4 CE-36329-3 is caused by a system software problem, as you can tell from the error message.

Of course, server maintenance might produce this problem. If this is the root of the problem, there is little you can do but wait for it to go away.  Let’s get started on our troubleshooting journey right now.

3 Ways To Fix This Problem 

Restart the game or restart your PS4 completely:

If you get the CE-36329-3 issue when playing or launching a game, try restarting it. This is due to the fact that this mistake signals a more basic failure than any other underlying issue. If restarting the game doesn’t work, you may just restart the PS4.

To remove the cache, you may need to reset the PS4 console completely and reset some programs that have gotten corrupted as a result of excessive use of the device.  It can also reconnect to the PS4 server.

Method 1: Press and hold the Power button until you hear a second beep to switch off your PlayStation 4.

Method 2: Disconnect the console’s power line for a few minutes before reconnecting it. 

Finally, switch on the PS4 console by plugging in the power wire. The PS4 system may self-maintain after each reset. Your PS4’s damaging system files that caused this problem must now be repaired.

Make sure your games and PS4 are up to date:

As previously indicated, discrepancies and data conflicts between games and your PS4 might cause PS4 error CE-36329-3. You must make sure that both your game and your PS4 are up to date in this case. To upgrade your PS4 games and applications, follow these steps:

Way 1: Select the game you wish to upgrade from your PS4 game collection.

Way 2: Press the Options button on your PS4 controller to bring up the side menu. 

Method 3: Select “Check for Updates” from the menu.  

 If an update is available, complete the update installation by following the instructions. Please follow the steps below to update the software on your PS4 system:

Step 1: Go to Settings > System Software Update after visiting the PS4 home screen. To begin, you should update your system software.

Step 2: If an update is available, choose Next, then Update to begin the download. 

Step 3: After the update has been downloaded, a notification window will appear. Select Download to begin installing the necessary updates. You may now restart your PlayStation 4 to see whether the problem has been resolved.

Reinstalling the game is the third fix:

The game may occasionally lose some important files that are required for regular operation.

Step 1: Before uninstalling your game data, it’s a good idea to preserve it. Go to PS4 Settings > Saved App Data Management to manage your saved app data.

Step 2: Select Manage system storage > Apps from the PS4 settings menu.

Step 3: After you’ve chosen the game to remove, navigate to “Options.”  Then, from the side menu, choose Delete.

Reinstall the game after restarting your PlayStation 4. You may now play it to see whether it works properly.

Check for any kind of Hardware Issues

If the PS4’s hardware malfunctions, error codes may emerge (CE-36329-3) Damage to the hard disk and other storage devices might ruin PS4 data. In normal operation, PS4 hard drive platters spin swiftly, changing the magnetic field of the read/write heads as they move across the metal surface. The PS4’s hard drive can degrade with time, revealing bad sectors that couldn’t write data reliably.

Unusual shutdowns and power outages might cause the head to collide with the plate, erasing data in the affected locations. Corruption may be the cause of corrupted sectors where system files or essential enterprise data are stored.

When the controller on an SSD fails or interacts erroneously with the storage chips, the consequence is the same as if the power went off, and the files being transferred get corrupted. Even if the damage isn’t severe and the file can be opened, it doesn’t indicate all of the information is still valid.

When the PS4 overheats, on the other hand, the CPU is unable to process data effectively, which might result in unanticipated damage. Not just the processor, but also the hard drive, can be harmed by excessive heat. So, maintain your PS4 clean and cool if you don’t want to see a PS4 error (CE – 36329-3) or any other issue.


This problem is resolved by rebooting the PS4, and you are quite fortunate since not everyone is so fortunate. To discover the best answer, some players must delve deeply into the situation. If you find yourself in this circumstance, please follow this advice sincerely to get out of this problem.

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